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Free email service! (for any hostname!)

Webmail available at

Zero censorship: all hostnames are allowed to send and to receive plain or encrypted emails for free.

Also, hostnames are granted with unlimited mail accounts and 10Gb of server storage (download mails to avoid the limit). You can even activate email forwarding service to centralize all your communications (using the webmail at config->filters->all->forward).

If you are the owner of a domain:

1. Let me know the hostname of your domain and I will generate a customized DKIM record for you asap!

2. Then, add to your DNS the MX, SPF and DKIM records:

record          type value
------          ---- -----
(root level)    MX   0
(root level)    TXT  v=spf1 mx mx:YOUR_OWN_DOMAIN.TLD -all
dkim._domainkey TXT  v=DKIM1; p=ASK_ME_YOUR_OWN_DKIM_RECORD

3. Meanwhile, I will create your first account:


you can use the webmail to change the initial PASS or create new mail accounts anytime.

4. Once the new DNS records are propagated, to setup your mail clients (daemon/desktop/mobile), the connection details of the Mail User Agent are:

MAIL server address
POP3 service port 110 over TLS (recommended) or port 995 with SSL
IMAP service port 143 over TLS (recommended) or port 993 with SSL
SMTP service port 587 over TLS

Each new account created by you will have a new USER and a new PASS set by you.

To keep your users always under your own domain, you can reverse proxy the url of the webmail as you wish as well as create the following DNS record against the MAIL server:

record type value
------ ---- -----
mail   A

You can't change the value, that is the IP of, but you can change the name of your record (for example mine is: mailbox).